Plate Material Evaluating Cell

Plate Material Evaluating Cell

This quite handy cell is developed in order to evaluate plate material such as metal, semi-conducting plate, etc. In evaluation, a sample plate is sandwiched between cell blocks.

Catalog No. Description Quantity
011951 Plate Material Evaluating Cell 1
Teflon Cell [Body] 1
Teflon Cell [Base] 1
O-ring 1
Screw 20 mm 2
Purging tube 1 m 1
002222 Pt counter electrode for VC-2 cell 1


[Optional Products] Reference Electrode

Users can select a reference electrode separately for this cell from :

Catalog No. Description
012167 RE-1B Silver-Silver chloride reference electrode
012171 RE-7 Non Aqueous reference electrode
002058 RE-1C Silver/Silver Chloride Reference Electrode (Saturated KCl)
002056 RE-2B Calomel Reference Electrode
002057 RE-2C Reference Electrode
011503 RE-6H Reference Electrode Kit available in alkaline solution


How to Set Up

1. Place a plate sample on a lower side teflon block of the cell.
Applicable plate dimensions : W: 10-20 mm, T: ~3 mm

2. Put another teflon block on the sample, and drive two screws evenly to fix the plate. Liquid contact area depends on inner diameter of the O-ring. Deliver approximately 1 ml of electrolyte after fixing the plate.

3. Attach a Pt counter electrode and a reference electrode to the cell by setting them onto a cell cap. We would recommend you to twist up the Pt part appropriately if the counter electrode is longer.

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